YAX Group Fitness

So word on the block is that we just offer yoga, but that’s only 1/2 of YAX… we offer group training classes too!
As of last November in 2015, we started incorporating a strength & conditioning regime into our program and services. We train athletes, who are in the “Training to Compete” stage, “Training to Win” stage and the “Active for Life” stage, by offering high intensity circuit group training workouts daily. In a class, you might find box jumps, step-ups, pushups, lunges, ladder drill, slam balls, kettle bell exercises, balancing poses, abs, planks…etc. You will also find lots of up leveling to give you your best workout and lots of modifications for those of us who have limitations from over-use, over-training and you know, just climbing the age ladder. We are big believers that we can accomplish a lot in a workout just using body weight exercises. We also believe that once your form and workout is perfected, we will be pushing weight training to increase your stamina. We will have dumbbells, kettle bells, and slam balls for those who need a little extra push in their workout routine. We are excited to offer a sustainable workout for the entirety of your life. We won’t kill you, but will push you to give your all. We won’t yell at you, but we will encourage & motivate you to push yourself beyond your limits. We won’t punish you, but we will support you in your unique personal health & wellness journey. We are thrilled to be a home for former & current athletes to come play + work + restore!
We are a ONE STOP SHOP to get in your strength training and yoga practice. We believe the two go hand & hand. Building muscle while keeping the muscles supple and flexible is crucial.
Opportunities to Strength Train with us below:
YAX Class -Group training class/Yoga Cool Down (45 min workout/15 min yoga)
Athletex – Group training class only (45 min workout only)
Check out our Mindbody for our tentative schedule. Classes start January 2nd, 2017!
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See y’all soon!