2016 Summer Camp

This summer we hosted our first ever summer camp! To say the least, it was a blast!
We reserved one specific week for 8 – 12 year olds. This age group fits into the ‘Learn to Train’ Stage of Development according to the LTAD model that we follow.
From ages 8 to 11 in girls and 9 to 12 in boys, or until the onset of the growth spurt, children are ready to begin developing foundational sport skills. The emphasis should be on acquiring a wide range of skills necessary for a number of sporting activities. Although it is often tempting to overdevelop talent at this age through excessive single-sport training and competition (as well as early positioning in team sports), this can have a negative effect on later stages of development if the child pursues a late specialization sport. This early specialization promotes one-sided physical, technical, and tactical development and increases the likelihood of injury and burnout.
We played with an OLYMPIC theme in honor of the 2016 Rio Olympics and awarded Gold, Silver & Bronze “medals” to those who collected the most points during competitions throughout the week!
At camp, we used our philosophy of PLAY + WORK + RESTORE to develop a well-rounded athlete, by incorporating focus games, fun friendly competitions and the importance of a strong work ethic.
PLAY : We started each day of camp with ice breaker games, to get the campers familiar with each other. We played a name game, hot potato, freeze tag, toilet tag, president vs criminal and line tag to get the body moving while having fun. This part of the camp (and part of life) is necessary. There always needs to be some sort of fun with whatever you are doing, whether it be for 5 minutes or during the entirety of your day, because if there’s no fun being had then (we think) there’s no point. We trained hard, but we played even harder!
WORK : We loved watching the kids engage in their training with self motivation and perseverance. We believe in the long term athlete development model, that starts to prepare kids from age 8-12 to train. Train like a competitive athlete. The purpose of getting them familiar with training is so that they are one step ahead of the game and their peers, which will help them develop confidence when going to try out for any type of sports team. They will already be familiar with common drills, warm ups and have the mental ability to be pushed. We believe starting kids young to be in a training environment, with being very mindful not to over train, to never use weights and constantly keep it fun and engaging.
RESTORE : Now this is our favorite part of the day. Restoring the body back to it’s normal state through yoga poses, different breathing exercises and always ending in a juicy shavasana. Letting yourself take in the day and allowing the body to repair before it has time to even know what it just went through. Restore to us means slowing down, being kind to the body by offering it a chance to regroup, mentally allowing yourself to breathe and relax and opening up yourself to healing and acceptance. Accepting what is and moving into what can be. Whether you slow down to replay your day of training or practice, or focus on what it is that you want to accomplish by focusing on what you will need to do to get there, the restoration part (yoga) is the space that allows you to do that.
If you missed camp this year, we’ll be offering classes soon in our new space at 10510 Westview Drive Houston, Texas 77043. Come drop by for a class, small group or private lesson! Follow us on social media for our newsletters, blog posts and picture updates. We will plan on having camps next year too and would love to see you!!!
Keep up the hustle and the flow!!
Your trainers – K & P

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