Early Childhood Summer Program

We are so excited to be hosting summer camps this June & July. We hope you can sign your little ones up.
Our outline for the early childhood program is below and you can sign up through the MBO link below.
8 Weeks: June 7 – July 26
Week 1 – Space Camp
Explore spaciousness in the body and throughout the known universe through story, culture, and science.
Week 2 – Superhero Camp
Campers are invited to find their own superhero qualities as we explore classic stories and real-life heroes in our world.
Week 3 – Elements Camp
Learn and experience the classic elements of fire, air, earth and water during a hands-on, body-moving week.
Week 4 – Colors Camp
We’ll use different hues to color our world through movement, guided meditation, art activities and learning about ourselves.
Week 5 – Nature Camp
We’ll use lessons from nature to help us learn about yoga principles, explore the natural world around us and move our bodies to emulate nature and all its beauty.
Week 6 – Fairytale Camp
Knights, princesses, wicked witches, noble heroes and evil villains pervade this week as we explore yogic qualities in ourselves through classic children’s stories.
Week 7 – My World Camp: Celebrating Diversity
Yoga encourages students to learn about and celebrate the uniqueness of themselves and others. This week we’ll explore cultures and qualities that make up our communities and world.
Week 8 – Beach Camp
We’ll use our imaginations as we “go to the beach”. We’ll learn about the coast and all the creatures of the sea.