Skyline Training Program

It’s Official! We have landed our dream job. Starting in November, we will be coaching the athletes of Skyline Juniors Houston. We will be offering a conditioning program that includes strength, jump training, agility, balance, and flexibility. We are working with the athletes to improve their competitive game through traditional training and through yoga. We are so excited to be offering a program that will not only increase performance but offer a solid base of lifelong fitness and wellness.
In addition to athletic training, we will also be offering fitness classes to the public. Be sure to follow us and stop in for a class sometime!! We will have boot camp, pilates and yoga styled classes. Updates and additions will soon follow. In the meantime, here’s a synopsis of what we will be offering.
Train Smart: Shorter workouts for better, faster, stronger results.
Stay Motivated: Large variety of workouts that maintain interest and keep the athletes’ body and mind challenged.
Sustainable Change: Train the athletes’ body & mind to create long term, sustainable fitness lifestyle, post grad.
Sport Compliment: How Yoga will complement your training season, not undermine it.
Off Season & Base Period: Light training, strength building, increasing ROM, injury rehab and imbalance correction. Power & Strength Yoga Routines.
Build Period: Intense work, maintaining flexibility, mellow yoga practice. Flexibility Yoga Routines.
Peak Period (tournaments & competitions): Minimal yoga, Increase focus and meditation & visualization practice, gentle modifications and restorative yoga. Focus Yoga Routines.
These workouts are low volume, high intensity. Working at maximum capacity but only for a short period of time.
Each circuit is unique, No repetition.
All circuits can be done in a small space (~2mx2m/athlete).
No equipment.
Short & easy to follow.
Active Recovery:
Recovery is essential to a training program and will prepare the athlete for intense future practices.
4 Different Test Workouts, similar to CIRCUIT workouts. Slightly longer and provide challenges. Performed every 5 weeks.
Vinyasa Krama Sequencing derived from the Ashtanga Form.
Breathwork: Building Lung Capacity and linking breath with movement.
Visualization + Meditation: Building focus during elite competition.
Weekly Challenges and Mantras.
More Outdoor Variety Exercise. These exercises can be performed outdoors if space is limited.
Low Intensity: continuous low intensity (walking, jogging).
High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT): Intervals of high intensity (max effort), followed by rest or low intensity exercise.
Endurance building: Used in the event space is limited and we are moved outdoors.
Tentative Public Class Descriptions (all classes are 60 minutes, unheated, in the gym): 
YAX Training: strength & conditioning + yoga for athletes; geared toward competitive athletes as a part of their training regimen
Boot Camp: high intensity conditioning for strength, agility and weight loss
Pilates: classical pilates with the addition of core work, full body toning and cardio intensity
Yoga: vinyasa flow perfect for all levels; high-energy class geared toward strength, flexibility and balance
We sure hope to see you at the gym!
Skyline Houston / Yoga Athletex
10510 Westview Drive
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