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August wrapped up our summer yoga program at MLECC. I had a blast teaching your little ones and learned a lot about myself as a teacher, as well! This summer we worked on many different things just to get them familiar with their mat and being comfortable with the idea of yoga.
In June we learned an energizing yoga song, “I Grow with Yoga”. We moved through some energizing postures and had tons of fun! In July we learned a silly yoga rap song, “Go Do Yoga”. We incorporated new poses that built on our previous month’s practice. We added poses like tree and bridge to strengthen the legs, back and glutes. These poses, among others, improve digestion, open the chest and lungs, promote focus and improve balance. So, while the kids think they are having fun singing and being silly we’re actually working on some pretty great stuff! In August, we took a trip to the “Jungle”. We discovered many different animals. We discussed where they live, how they move, what they sound like and much more. We told stories in the “jungle” and let the kids run with their imaginations. They are so smart, weird and fun! 🙂
The new school year has begun and September is right around the corner. I’m happy to be offering a new program for the fall at MLECC. My program is designed to provide the children with techniques, habits and training for lifelong health and wellness. I have two significant areas of focus to improve students’ confidence & strength, develop empathy for others and sharpen their little minds.
1. Physical Practice (Asana): Movement through yoga, exercise, stretching and stabilizing
2. Mental Practice: Mindfulness, Awareness, Breathing, Developing the ability to respond effectively under pressure, Focus
My curriculum comes from years of experience, education and research that has been reviewed by doctors, scientists and researchers at the University of San Diego, Stanford, Duke and Long Island University. I will be working on specific sequences with them to take home and might even have some arts & crafts thrown in there!
I’m looking forward to a rewarding fall semester with your kiddos, sharing my love for yoga! Thank you to all who signed up and best of luck to all the new Kindergarten-ers!! You are providing your kids a great foundation for their future. Yoga is beneficial in so many ways, for so many ages.
If you have not signed up for the fall, please do so on my website. It is $99 for the rest of the year. The first class is Tuesday, September 1! I don’t want them to miss it! Sign up here! All the kids will need is a yoga mat. You can get them at Wal-Mart for about $5. Even the adult size if fine for the children, but any mat will do. Mats can also be found on Amazon, at Target or Marshalls.
Please do not hesitate to reach out to me with any questions or concerns. Also, please “like” and follow us on any of our social media avenues. Reviews are welcomed and your support is greatly appreciated.
With Gratitude,

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