This Year. This crazy awesome year of 2014.

Man, it’s hard to believe that it’s already been a full year that we (Kalynn & Patricia) decided to start Yoga Athletex. We have definitely had a full year of learning, falling, growing, succeeding and failing. We started our yoga teacher training in October of 2013 with the swami Lex Gillan of the Yoga Institute in Houston. That one jam packed week of learning and exploring ourselves as individuals and as teachers really set the bar for what we were to expect in 2014. I would say the top few things that have kept us going and yearning for more would be BREATHING.
Just Breathe
I’m sure you here it all the time. Just breathe, everything will be okay. But in our crazy minds, we always push back and say, “Will it? Will it all be okay?” And to tell you the right down dirty truth, it will be. As we look back over this year filled with blessings, it’s so obvious that everything is okay and will be as long as we keep breathing. Breathing the good in, letting the junk out. Breathing the love in, letting the worry out. Breathing the good times in and letting the rough times out. Which brings me to the next thing of letting go.
Letting Go
Let those bad times leave you. Remember what they brought you to and through and let them go. The new year has its cliche of “starting over and getting a fresh perspective” but why not take that up and see it as a great awesome new opportunity to refresh! I know that I need it really bad, and it couldn’t have come at a better time. A time to mentally let everything that has no place of being in your life go.
Accept that where you are right now, at this very moment the place where you are suppose to be. Accept that even though you may have a little or a lot further to go in your personal development or your relationship developments, it is EXACTLY where God wants you to be today. Accept that He has a plan for you, even if it doesn’t look like everyone else’s (or so you think they all look the same). Let’s all accept to love ourselves and love each other as much as we deserve.
I would love to make 2015 more about love. Loving myself just as much as I love others. Loving my friends more and making our relationships better and bigger. Loving my significant others (those favorites you have stored on your phone, boyfriends, husbands, dogs) just as much and more than they deserve. Loving the life you have today. Loving what today brings. Loving everything just as much as you did when you were a child. Loving it with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind. Loving it all because you can.
My wish for myself and for everyone out there that is working through something right now is to know that this life is a blessing. It’s a gift and we can do whatever it is we want with it. We should see things as gifts from God as opposed to stressors or worries. Everything we have, we can handle because we are strong. Our yoga practice prepares us for tough things and lets us open up even more than we could ever imagine. Yoga is a blessing and this truly awesome gift that will allow us to see the beauty in all things and to be more open and willing to accept & love them.
We hope you have an awesome and happy new year! We are always here to help, and support whatever goals you have whether they are yoga or personal related. We look forward to a FUN and NEW year with each and every one of you!! We are so happy we get the privilege of teaching and practicing with you each and every week & we hope we continue to grow as yogis together!!
Much love from your family at YAX,
Kalynn & Patricia