Yoga to the Core Challenge

Hello, Spring!

We are super pumped for this month’s challenge. We will be focusing on building our entire core area, not only for beach season but to build strength in our lower backs.
I know for me that my back is where I have the most pain on a daily basis. I also know that if I had a stronger core, I would experience less pain in my lower back. So not only do I want to dive into this challenge to strengthen my core, I want you to join with me!

Happy Spine, Happy Life

Don’t be turned away by the advanced poses on the challenge, I am unable to do all of them as well. However, practice makes perfect! Yes, it does! So, let’s all practice together to get our core stronger so we can have a happier life. As Bikram always says, “Happy Spine, Happy Life”!
The key to getting a happy spine is to have a strong core. So on top of this core pose challenge we will be working on our core with planks: holding high planks, side planks, and low planks. I believe this works better than the typical “ab crunch.” So who is in to get their backs to be pain free?! I know that is my daily goal and always will be something I have to work at on a daily basis for the rest of my life. As Patricia has always said as words of encouragement to me, “It’s not what you can do, it’s what you will do.” So let’s do it!

The Challenge Details

Here’s how to do the official challenge using Instagram. Keep in mind that these hosts are very advanced, so look for the modifications and always be kind to your body.
1. Follow @beachyogagirl, @kinoyoga, @stoked_yogi, @glidesup and @yogaathletex on Instagram.
2. Repost challenge collage to your instagram feed.
3. Take a photo or video of the pose each day and post it.
4. Tag #yogatothecore #yax @beachyogagirl @kinoyoga @stoked_yogi @glidesup @yogaathletex
5. Have fun and connect with other challenge participants!
Your hosts, @beachyogagirl, @kinoyoga, @stoked_yogi and @yogaathletex will post their version each day of the pose adding their own tips, tricks or inspiration to the pose.
As always, remember that nutrition is 80% of your overall health. So, feed your bodies with the good stuff! If you have any nutrition questions, you know how to contact us!