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    Week 3: Honor My Body

    January 28, 2015

January 28, 2015

Week 3: Honor My Body

Happy Week 3!

This week’s lesson hits home for us. Honoring your body. Honoring what you put in your body and what you do with your body. I’d like to start off by saying that this is not an easy task. It takes time, self motivation and determination. I’d also like to say that when you decide to start honoring your body, you will never look back. It will change your outlook on yourself and others, and make you a much happier person! This week is all about honoring your body through food & nourishment and exercise & physical activity. So how do we do that?

Food. There is no one way of eating for everyone, there is not one diet or way of life to live by. What’s right for one person, may be all wrong for another. You have to take the time to understand and learn what your body wants and needs, from what is making you feel so great and what is making you feel crappy. Eating healthy is not about restrictions so much as it is about adding more valuable nutritious foods to your diet. Let me stop right here and say that I hate the term “diet.” When I think of the word diet, I immediately think of a 21 day program where I can’t eat this or that, and that freaks me out. I typically run the opposite direction eating that do-nut at work that I normally wouldn’t because I feel like I’m depriving myself of good things. I like to think of it as what I am eating instead. I get the “what diet are you on?” a lot when I am out with people and I always say, I’m not on a diet, I am just choosing to eat this today. I may choose something totally different tomorrow, but for today, right now in this moment I am choosing to eat this, because I want to and because it is good for me. And I want to feel good! Diet is just what you are eating, not an allotted amount of days you will do something. So, how do you get to this point of eating healthy? It’s actually quite simple, each day you choose to make the best choice you can wherever you are. If you are hungry, eat, but eat something good for you. Prepping is very important too, so go to the grocery store on the weekends and stock up on some yummy healthy snacks and meals. My even bigger thing I love to live by, is that if you indulge on a good meal don’t hate yourself for it, just make sure that next meal is back on track. Vow To has a 90/10 rule. Eat great 90% of the time, and then eat whatever you want 10% of the time. Over time you will start to see a difference in your mood, your body, how you feel and how you interact with others. 10% of the time is about 2 meals a week where you can eat the burger, eat the pizza, eat the cake. Just remember, everything in moderation. We get pleasure from eating good foods, don’t take that away from yourself. Eating healthy does not mean eating nasty. Experiment and have fun with making new recipes and choosing different options when you’re out to eat!

Challenge: Start a food journal. Grab a notebook and pen and keep it with you all day. Every time you eat something, jot it down. Don’t think about it too much and do not let it stress you out. Just write it down. Over time you will see yourself making better choices, because writing it down can really make you see what you are putting in your oh so holy body. Remember, you only get one body, treat it right 😉 Find a diet that is right for YOUR body.

Physical Activity. I want you to think about what you loved doing as a kid… Think about it for a moment. Did you love to play outside on the trampoline, go swimming all day long, ride your bike around the neighborhood, go canoeing, run around the playground, or dance in front of the mirror? Were you on a sports team that you just couldn’t get enough of? Did you like making up routines with your friends to perform for your parents? All of these things sound exciting, don’t they? They don’t sound like running on the treadmill or going to a gym and lifting weights on a machine or going to that boot camp class you actually hate. I want you to incorporate something you used to love to do BACK INTO YOUR LIFE. Bring it back! Just because we are “adults” now, doesn’t mean moving our bodies has to be boring or uneventful. God gave you a beautiful awesome body to do things, so go out and use it! Also, my goal is to work on thanking my body for all of the support it has given me over the years. Instead of being upset with the way it looks or the way it moves, I am proud that I have a body that can let me walk my dog, do yoga, play volleyball and DANCE. Mix it up, come to yoga or join a crossfit class – don’t worry Bayou City has a Master’s class that really is for everyone. Their motto is not so much No Pain, No Gain so much as let’s HAVE FUN while we are moving! Do the Loco Motion! 

Challenge: Choose an activity to begin or continue. Be mindful during your physical activity. Be realistic with your time, set goals that you CAN and WILL reach. Be gentle & kind to your body.

Things we VowTo:

I vow to honor my body

1st step is to accept and love our bodies just the way they are.

Self acceptance & Self Love of WHAT IS is the foundation

Shifting perspective from no pain no gain to a pleasurable experience of well being.

Intention: “I Vow To Honor My Body”

Affirmation: “I have Unlimited Amounts of Energy and Vitality”

Reminders: “I Choose what’s Good for My Body”

Assignment: Explore the ways your body responds to different foods and how it would love to move.

Ask Yourself: What did I love doing when I was a kid? What would make me feel triumphant?


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