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    Week 2: Vow to Honor Yourself

    January 14, 2015

January 14, 2015

Week 2: Vow to Honor Yourself

Week 2 of our Vow To – Enritualize Me program is all about “Me Time”. I bet you don’t hear that every day. This week is all about taking time for yourself every day.

Our guide this week, Jennifer Grace, encourages us to vow to honor ourselves. We are encouraged to deepen our connection with ourselves and open the door for opportunity to cultivate a relationship with ourselves.

The relationship you have with yourself is the second most important relationship in your life. We believe your relationship with your God is of utmost importance.

Building off of week one’s vow to be present, we want you to vow to be present to what your needs are. We want you to use the power of “YES” to nurture yourself. Set healthy boundaries. Do not give ALL of yourself to others as we so frequently do. Put your needs first so that you do not feel physically and mentally drained or resentful towards your loved ones. Powerfully say “YES” to yourself and recognize when you are overextending yourself for others.

Vow to honor yourself. What does that mean? How do we cultivate it? The key is to learn that it is not selfish to have self-care. Taking time for your self is a selfless act. A great example Vow To uses is the airplane metaphor. When you fly, you are told to first put on your oxygen mask before you help others. We can take this metaphor and apply it to our daily lives. We cannot be of service to anyone until we take care of ourselves first.

When we feel chaotic, the world around us is chaotic. When we take care of ourselves we create peace within us and around us. Others can feed off of our self-care. Self-care creates a visible radiance within us that can be seen externally. What activities give you inner radiance? What gives you peace? Recognizing these things make it easier to accomplish peace within.

For me, waking up early is key. This gives me time to exercise, do a devotion or enjoy breakfast in peace. When I start my day this way, I like to think I glow radiance for the remainder of the day. And, most importantly, am more pleasant to those around me. I encourage you to dedicate 20-30 minutes each day for yourself. For “Me Time”. This could be taking a bath, doing yoga, walking or even reading. Whatever it is that YOU love to do.

Another tool that will help you create “Me Time” is learning to say “No”. Why do we say yes when we really mean no? Seeking approval? Love? Saying yes when we really mean no can come from a place of not wanting to let others down. But when this comes difficultly, something needs to shift. Be realistic about what we can really handle and recognize how much time and money things truly can take. Check in and ask “is this a top priority”? Know your priorities. For example, your children, your job, your spouse, your health, your animals, your house, etc. What is of utmost importance? Just simply have awareness and begin to say no when appropriate. You do not have to over explain yourself to why you are saying no either. You do not need to justify it. No can simply be expressed by gently saying, “I’m sorry, no, I simply cannot.” Saying “No” will allow more “Me Time” and that is a great thing!

Your intention for this week is “I Vow To Honor Myself”. Simply create space for “Me Time”. When you take time for yourself, you create more time for others. Your affirmation for this week is to “Say Yes to Yourself”. Join us this week to create “Me Time” and reap the benefits of self-care.


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