Yoga and athletics are the perfect pair for your training program.

Yoga + Athletics

Yoga and athletics are the perfect pair for your training program.
Whether you’re a youth athlete who wants to kick it up, an athlete who wants to find mobility after an injury or a “retired” athlete who wants to keep in shape. Get in your training and conditioning any which way you choose. Whether in a group class, one-on-one or with your team, or in our open gym, we create opportunities for you to play, work and restore.

Personal Training

Group Training

Youth Athletic Development

Personal Training

We fuse these two models to serve diverse athletic populations with a singular focus:
lifelong health and injury prevention through balanced, compassionate and responsive programming.

One-On-One Time

Personal Training is one-on-one time with you and one of our certified instructors.

Strength and Conditioning

Work on strength and conditioning to prepare for athletic performance and weight loss.

Injury Recovery

We are your home for post rehab activity.

FMS (Functional Movement Screening)

FMS is the screening tool used to identify limitations or asymmetries in seven fundamental movement patterns that are key to functional movement quality in individuals with no current pain complaint or known musculoskeletal injury.

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Personal training sessions are run on the availability of the teacher’s schedule. Each coach is different, some will teach Yoga, others, Athletics, and some both!

Group Training

Our group classes are for those who love a team environment. Find a coach who speaks your language and work with them through challenging workouts and restoring yoga classes.

YAX Class

This is your one-stop shop to get in a good full body workout. These classes incorporate work(athletics) and restoration(yoga). The programming is always something new; and it combines the best of what we do. Come for the sweat and stay for the Shavasana. Details: 60 minute class Style: Circuit training followed by yoga cool-down.


Move what feels good and modify what doesn’t. This class is for all levels and focuses on increasing functional movement capabilities, core strength and endurance. You can expect modifications of the workouts for injuries and limitations. We want everyone to come into the space excited and leave feeling accomplished. Details: 45 minute class Style: Low impact, high intensity circuit + resistance training.

Hops (Jump Training)

This class is geared toward athletes looking to increase their vertical, or hops! We’ll focus on plyometrics, or jump training, in which muscles exert max force in short intervals to increase power, speed and strength.

You can expect...

– 50 plus classes weekly at convenient times
– Yoga, Athletics or Yoga + Athletics options

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It’s that simple, and so is how you train with us.

Youth Athletic Development

Our youth athletic training programs make teams more sharp and strong. Not only do we focus on training athletes’ bodies, but we also train their minds. We come into each and every one of our training sessions prepared to give all athletes a workout on all levels of their being. And when we say “all athletes,” we mean it. There are always modified workouts for those who are limited in any capacity.


In this portion of class, athletes will play focus games that prepare and integrate their bodies and their minds. These games enhance concentration, hand-eye-coordination, spatial awareness and teamwork.


This is where “strength and conditioning” comes in. We take the athletes’ focused minds and put them to the test through their bodies. Our athletes are pushed to new limits in their workouts. Workouts range in style and typically incorporate bodyweight, low-impact, light weight, resistance training, plyometric and high intensity.


Our athletes sweat and then get a sweet shavasana at the end. Yoga is our primary modality for restoring athletes’ bodies after tough workouts. We always focus on proper alignment, and use this as a time to body stretch and strengthen the body. We’ve found that adding this time to workouts is a key component in athletes’ satisfaction and also in injury prevention.

Sports We Train

Volleyball, Baseball, Swimming, Lacrosse, Track & Field, Basketball, Soccer, Football, and Golf.

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Train with us seasonally or year round at our conveniently located facility. Our programming is creative and inspiring for most athletes, providing a change of pace and a new outlook on their training.


Yoga is mindfully moving while maintaining a steady breath. To us, integrity is of the utmost importance, so you can find alignment in our hatha-based flow classes. Come, even if you “aren’t flexible” or “can’t bend like that,” because we give you modifications so that you CAN.


Flow classes will move with the breath from pose to pose and have a dynamic pace (also referred to as Vinyasa yoga). These classes are geared towards athletes looking for a stronger, more movement-based practice and are a good option for intermediate to advanced practitioners with some previous yoga experience. Come with a playful attitude!

Yoga 4 Athletes

Yoga for Athletes classes is just what the doctor ordered for those tight hamstrings, stiff neck, low back pain and poor posture! This type of class will have an anatomical focus each class specific to helping the athletes’ body gain mobility & strength. The goal is to find ease and tension release in these hatha based classes to keep you practicing and playing long term!


Yin classes allow athletes to explore each pose at a deeper level while maintaining supple muscles & joints. Each pose increases strength both physically and mentally while cultivating sensitivity and focusing on the connective tissues of the hips, thighs, pelvis and lumbar spine. This practice is quiet and slow while postures are held for 3-5 minutes each. Come with the intent to challenge yourself in a whole new way.


Come restore your body & mind in this quiet, peaceful & relaxing class. Restorative is a prop supported practice that helps your body dive into a state of deep relaxation while gently stretching your muscles in long held poses.


Mobility classes are geared towards athletes wanting a more therapeutic practice focusing on myofascial release and restoration. Some yoga poses may be incorporated to increase joint Range of Motion (ROM), but props such as therapy balls or foam rollers will be the focus of the practice. This class is an excellent supplement to your training program. Come prepared for a deep tissue massage experience.

Private Yoga

Find space and serenity through yoga private lessons.

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Find a class that is the best fit for you and come join us.  We offer a variety of monthly unlimited subscriptions, as well as class packs, and single class drop ins.

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