Train Without Pain

In every workout, every flow, and every practice, modifications are what make your athletic journey special.

Our number one goal is to help our athletes Train without Pain.

Keep Your Body Healthy, Not Over-Trained

We do workouts and yoga poses that keep the body healthy and not over-trained. After an intense workout with us, you can expect a restorative yoga session.

Improve Your Health Through Mindful Instruction

We offer a practice designated to help improve your health through mindful instruction. Not every one can do every yoga pose or every exercise we give them, and we want you to be comfortable coming to our classes.

We are a Home for Post Rehab Athletes

Let us help you get back to your peak athletic performance, whether that’s competitive sports or leisurely movements.

Our philosophy is firmly rooted in LTAD and Yoga.

We fuse these two models to serve diverse athletic populations with a singular focus:
lifelong health and injury prevention through balanced, compassionate and responsive programming.

Long-Term Athlete Development (LTAD)

The LTAD model is a way of looking at an athlete’s development over a lifetime. The model covers seven different stages from an Active Start in the ages of 3-6, where play is an essential component, to Active for Life for ages 25 onward, where athletes transition to a life of physical activity outside of athletics. In each of these stages, age groups require different training models and performance practices.

It is from LTAD that we have built our responsive programming. We teach and train athletes 3 and up. At the earliest stages, we play a lot. And at the latest, when athletes enter their “retirement” phase, we restore a lot. We take what your body needs and provide a workout specific to what your body can do.


In Yoga there are many truths. There are truths about who we are and about what our goal in practice should be. In Yoga we find many practices that provide longevity for people of all walks of life. We find breathwork. We find focus work. We find body posturing that makes us both strong and supple. It is from Yoga that we take our work ethic and apply its stipulations for steady practice, deep commitment and constant compassion.

Have Questions?

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