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    Meet Our Instructors

    December 2, 2015

December 2, 2015

Meet Our Instructors

We are so excited about the team we’ve built. Our instructors are qualified, capable, kind, motivational leaders. It is our pleasure to have them represent YAX and serve our community. Please feel free to reach out to any of them with questions, praise or concern about training.

First up, co-founder of Yoga Athletex, Patricia Bomar. Patricia is a lover of all things sport. She played just about every sport out there. She has played volleyball, basketball, soccer, softball, track & field, swimming and even a little golf. Her favorite athletic past time is playing club softball, traveling year round. Like they say, diamonds are a girls best friend. While majoring in Sport Management, a Kinesiology degree, she studied for her NSCA – CPT and trained athletes in College Station, TX. Post college she worked at the Houstonian as a fitness specialist and continued to coach volleyball fundamentals. Over the past several years she has earned her 500RYT yoga certification and continues to grow, both physically and mentally. Read more about her here.

Second in line, we have co-founder Kalynn Evans. Kalynn is the yin to Patricia’s yang. She is a kind gentle soul with an inner fire that burns to bring healing to our athletes. Kalynn played DI volleyball on a full ride scholarship. She has the best serve and impeccable court awareness. Her mental game is hard to beat and she is a natural at bringing focus and positive self talk to her athletes. Kalynn continues to play sand volleyball and coach. Over the years, she has earned her 200RYT and Yin Yoga certifications. She has a passion for offering alternative ways to move, for athletes with injuries. Read more about her here.

Next (alphabetically speaking), we have Ekop Akpan. Ekop stole our hearts at first impression. He is genuine, strong and confident. We believe that ego stands for “Edging. God. Out.” and find it refreshing that Ekop has no ego. He brings joy to training with an attitude of gratitude. Not only is he a natural, he is experienced and educated too. Ekop played Rugby for Arkansas State, while earning his B.S. in Exercise Science. Post college he earned his NASM – CPT and has experience teaching youth athletes and personal training in Houston, TX. We are so glad to have him as a role model for our athletes.

Megan Bates may be quiet, but she is a power house of knowledge. Megan earned a softball scholarship and played in college while earning her B.S. in Exercise Physiology. Megan loves to play and move. Now that she is in the “Active for Life” stage of athlete development, she still drives herself to be the best she can be. Megan has suffered from many injuries over the years, which allows her to offer physical therapy knowledge to our athletes. She has received the benefits of yoga as a healing tool and is excited to spread that same experience to our athletes. We are grateful to have her kind heart and soft approach, on our team.

Moving on to someone we hold dear to our hearts, Bralen Chinn. Bralen believed in our program from the get go. Naturally, we think he is very smart. Bralen also left his ego at the door and brings a genuine passion to the court. He truly believes in total mind-body-spirit wellness and walks the walk. He is the total package. Not only is he unique, he too is educated and experienced. Bralen played football in college and earned his NASM – CPT along with other certifications such as High Intensity Interval Training  (HIIT) & Tabata courses. Bralen has trained all over the USA and we are truly blessed to have him on staff.

Last but certainly not least, we have Connie Wong. Wow! What can we say about Connie? She is the cheerleader of our group. She is constantly positive and offering innovative ideas. Connie played volleyball for Bellaire High School & Club Texas. Connie is quick and smart. Like the rest of us, Connie understands the importance of a regular yoga practice coupled with sport training. Connie earned her 200RYT yoga certification and is truly an asset to our team. Her passion and positivity are contagious and we are confident that the girls will grow, in her presence.

That’s all folks. That’s YOUR team! Read about them. Meet them. Know them. They are here to serve YOU and YOUR game.

~ The YAX Team

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