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    February 28, 2017

February 28, 2017


There are two types of people in this world. Those who think March is just another month and those who know it is the beginning of the most exciting time in American basketball.

If you fall into the former group, let me explain: The first weekend of the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, known as March Madness, marks the beginning of a grueling period of high intensity competition for most athletes.

At YAX, we are expanding the competition from the basketball arena to our facility. We want you to join the Yoga Athletex March Madness Challenge where you will compete through teamwork, physical fitness, and competition! Teams earn points for participating in classes from the Hustle Room to the Flow Room here at YAX. Keep reading to find out more.

Tip off: March 13th – March 31st

Game plan:
• Teams must consists of 2-3 players!
• Earn points by participating in classes from the Hustle Room to the Flow Room.
• Compete head-to-head against other teams (the goal is for your team to out hustle the team you’re competing against in order to advance to the next round).
• Make it to the championship round and winners will receive a grand prize!

Assist: If you bring in a rookie (new client) as your teammate, you receive a $10 account credit!

Double Double: Get two classes in one day! Must be one class in the Hustle room and one class in the Flow room. BOOM! 

How to register for March Madness:
• Come into the studio and sign up at the front desk.
• Email us at info@yogaathletex.com letting us know you want to join!
• Question? Contact any instructor at YAX via email or 346-204-5711.

The Madness starts March 13th
• Get ready to begin on Monday, March 13th.
• Each challenge week begins on a Monday and ends on Saturday (March 13th – 18th, 20th – 25, and 27th – 31st)
• At the end of each week we will announce what teams will be moving onto the next round.
• Encourage your colleagues, supervisors, friends, and your spouse to sign up, too!
There is strength in numbers!



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