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    Group Training

Yoga Athletex = Yoga + Athletics.

It’s that simple, and so is how you train with us.

Our group classes are for those who love a team environment. Find a coach who speaks your language and work with them through challenging workouts and restoring yoga classes.

You can expect:

  • 25 students max
  • Classes every day of the week at convenient times
  • Yoga, Athletics or Yoga + Athletics options


Yoga is mindfully moving while maintaining a steady breath. To us, integrity is of the utmost importance, so you can find alignment in our hatha-based flow classes. Come, even if you “aren’t flexible” or “can’t bend like that,” because we give you modifications so that you CAN. This is your one-stop shop to get in a good full body workout. These classes incorporate work (athletics) and restoration (yoga). The programming is always something new; and it combines the best of what we do best. Come for the sweat and stay for the shavasana. Move what feels good and modify what doesn’t. This class is for all levels and focuses on increasing functional movement capabilities, core strength and endurance. You can expect modifications of the workouts for injuries and limitations. We want everyone to come into the space excited and leave feeling accomplished.
  • 60 minute class
  • Styles: flow/power, yin, mobility
  • Temperature: 75 – 90 degrees
  • 60 minute class
  • Workout first, yoga second
  • 45 minute class
  • Low impact, high intensity circuit + resistance training