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    CrossFit + Yoga

    June 25, 2015

June 25, 2015

CrossFit + Yoga

Why CrossFitters Need Yoga

A quick look in to some of the reasons you need to incorporate a regular yoga practice into your regimen. 

1. Improve Range of Motion and General Mobility

Many of the poses we do in class contribute directly to greater range of motion for exercises such as overhead squats and pistols. Are you having trouble keeping your heels on the ground with knees in proper alignment? We are incorporating many hip openers such as pigeon, lizard and 3-legged dog to give you greater mobility during your WOD.

2. Directed Focus

Having trouble focusing during 150 wall balls or double unders? No problem. Our classes encourage creating a “drishti” or focus point in each pose. This allows for better focus and increased endurance.

3. Lung Capacity

Or, the breath. The number one benefit to yoga is pranayama. We encourage elongated breathing exercises which increase lung capacity. This breath also expands the diaphragm allowing for more support in the skeletal system to support movement and prevent injury. Yoga literally means to “yoke” or link the breath with movement.

4. Balancing Act

With poses like half moon, tree and revolved triangle you are sure to work on balancing skills in our classes. Balancing will not only translate to the box but also to your lifestyle as you age. And, let’s face it. Aging is inevitable. Tear. Let us help you age gracefully, safely and without pain.

5. Spine Health

Yoga, in general, creates space in the vertebrae encouraging good spine health. It has been said that most ailments are results of an unhealthy spine. A healthy spine not only prevents a bad cold but also lengthens the body and encourages better posture. Are your shoulders rounding forward from tight deltoids? No worries, come get a good counter stretch with some shoulder openers and spine lengthening poses during our class.

6. Relax and Recover

CrossFit is a powerful work out. You are moving forcefully with great intention. It is important to repair your muscles by giving your body a proper shavasana or even just keeping your legs up in the air on a weekly basis. A weekly yoga practice will allow your mental and physical state to repair after a WOD. If you want your muscles to grow, you have to let them rest. Our classes provide a way to actively rest your muscles.

7. Proper Alignment

Many yoga classes encourage you to “go with the flow”. Us, not so much. We encourage proper alignment. Form is important to your growth. Although, many bodies are different and require different alignment for their needs; we are mindful of the individual’s path. We like to “workshop” our classes so you can learn the proper form for each pose. Our classes are small so you are sure to get some one on one attention.

8. Full Body Workout

That’s right, you can get a full body work out on 6’x3’ mat. Maybe you’re doing a WOD 2-3 times a week and are looking for another way to work out. If the clientele allows, we provide a vigorous vinyasa style class that requires you to move with the breath and perhaps hold a pose longer than you want to. This allows for cardiovascular expansion and muscle growth. No sleeping on the mat in our classes. Well, not always.

9. A community set apart

Do you feel out of sorts in a typical yoga studio? Maybe our class is just the place for you. We are a community of athletes with a different mental state than most. We practice in the box. There is noise, there is talking, there is music. It is a laid back atmosphere of like minded people who are growing their practice with the support of others. Our clientele is wonderfully supportive and non-judgmental. We’ve all been there. After years of not being able to touch my toes and suffering from countless injuries, it is very likely, I’ve felt what you are feeling. Join the crowd and be a part of our small supportive community. Who knows, you might want to grab a drink with us afterward, at Crowbar.

10. Convenience & Cost

Convenience. Period. Still looking for excuses not to incorporate a yoga practice? Too bad. We are super convenient for you and affordable. Did I mention you get a discount for being a CrossFitter? Yeah, unlimited yoga for just $59/month. Can’t beat it with a stick.

There you have it. 10 reasons to do yoga. Still not convinced? Shoot us an email or give me a call. I’d be happy to discuss your concerns and hesitations.

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