Our Story + Our Vision

We mesh yoga and athletex (ath-let-ics) to make healthier, lifelong athletes.
No matter your perceived limitations, mental or physical.

Our Story

Kalynn and Patricia, sisters and owners of Yoga Athletex, are lifelong athletes. It’s no surprise, their Mother Darlene was an athlete and is a kinesthetic behavioral interventionist in SBISD. Each has experienced the “typical” trajectory of a youth athlete: physical differences from their peers and debilitating injuries that last well into their adult lives. Each also found healing and benefits after their introductions to yoga and functional training.

Beyond the physical “magic” it worked, like seriously Patricia’s pain was gone in just one practice, the women experienced other benefits. They became less anxious and angry. They unconsciously used their breath as a tool for emotion control. Their resting heart rates decreased. They moved with more poise. Their relationships with God grew stronger. Their body image grew positively.

With yoga, came a spark. An idea and a passion for sharing this gift to create a change in youth sports. And not just the athletes, but the adults too. The adults, who like Kalynn and Patricia, have the unfortunate experience of sports-related injuries and need a new way of moving. It’s their intention to help prevent and rehabilitate injuries through yoga and responsive/modified strength and conditioning  for athletes so they can enjoy and finish their sports career, and then live long and healthy lives.


Our Vision

We are here to offer training + yoga to athletes at any stage of development.

We follow the LTAD Model to integrate the proper tools needed for a solid training program.

We are qualified to integrate a suitable yoga practice into your training schedule. Let’s discuss your training periodization plan to determine the best time for your sport.


Why should you train with us?

We truly believe we were put on this earth to bring healing and training to growing athletes. We have developed a training program that will not only enhance your game, we are also going to help you with visualization techniques, increasing lung capacity, dealing with critical incidents and so much more!

We have created a program that incorporates specified yoga routines into your periodization schedule, with our training curriculum. Give us a shout and we can set up a meeting to discuss the details.

At Yoga Athletex, we follow the LTAD, OPT, & FMS models to integrate the proper tools needed for a solid training program.

Our Purpose

Train Smart

Shorter workout times for better, faster, and stronger results.

Stay Motivated

Large variety of workouts that maintain interest and keep the athletes’ body and mind challenged.

Sustainable Change

Train the athletes’ body & mind to create long term, sustainable fitness lifestyle, post grad.

Sport Compliment

How Yoga will complement your training season, not undermine it.

Bottom line, Yoga builds better athletes. Just ask the pros!

Have Questions?

Send us a message and we will have a trainer get back you soon.