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March 30, 2019

March Athlete of the Month

The team at Yoga Athletex has carefully selected Angela Garza to be our Athlete of the Month for March 2019! Angela has consistently shown up to better herself every month since the start of the year. She is an inspiration and we are so proud of her for not only staying healthy and fit while pregnant but committing to her health so quickly after giving birth to the most beautiful baby!! Keep it up Angela! You are such a great role model for Ava!

Q&A with Angela:

How long have you been practicing/training at Yoga Athletex?

1.5 years..I think. I started when I was pregnant and Yoga Athletex was a wonderful place to go pre and postpartum.

What benefits have you received since training at Yoga Athletex?

I have become stronger and have improved my yoga practice. I have learned the great benefits of breath work especially in relation to working out and stress management!

What is your sport/activity outside of the studio?

Chasing around a toddler! Haha

What is your favorite class at Yoga Athletex and why?

Cardio and Core but it’s tied with Elizabeth’s yoga classes.

Any advice for new people trying out the studio?

Get a good mix of all the classes. They all have different benefits. I love them all!