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October 18, 2018

Stay in Postseason Shape at Yoga Athletex

As a competitive athlete, staying in shape during off season can be rough. Being expected to maintain a high fitness level during summer to be ready for the upcoming season is never easy. Thankfully, I had the opportunity to train at Yoga Athletex this summer to help me stay in shape!
At Yoga Athletex there is a variety of classes offered that all appeal to a competitive athlete.
First off, there is a high intensity interval training (HIIT) class that works full body that helps increase mobility in all areas of your body while increasing strength and endurance. This particular class was amazing for keeping me in shape. There is a new circuit every week, so if you are like me and take 2-3 classes a day, it’s nice to change things up!
Next, is Jump Training. This class helps increase your vertical jump. The trainers follow a 4 phase program to help you reach success. Phase 1 is full body wake up, which gets your muscles and joints ready for top performance. Phase 2 is intensify, here you are starting to use those muscles that were first stabilized and do small explosive movements. Phase 3 is force, here you are taking it up a notch. The intensity increases and you are giving it your all every session. Phase 4 is flight, after all of that hard work your body is ready for a lot of explosive movements. Max reps are assigned and you are constantly performing explosive movements. Following these phases, my body has been trained for top performance, without injury.
Finally there is yoga! With 3 different classes offered you have a variety of options when it comes to taking care of your body. Flow class will help you move with the breath from pose to pose and have a dynamic pace and help athletes gain a stronger, more movement based practice. Then there is Yoga For Athletes. Yoga For Athletes is a class geared towards helping stretch out and improve mobility in those tight hamstrings, a stiff neck, low back pain and poor posture. Last but not least is Restorative, my personal favorite! Restorative is a prop supported practice that helps your body dive into a state of deep relaxation while gently stretching your muscles in long held poses. This class is the best after a long day. Yall, yoga really works!
Taking yoga classes helps my flexibility and mobility, which helps increase performance.
Taking classes at Yoga Athletex kept me in shape this summer. I saw a huge improvement in my mental and physical strength. When preseason came around I was ready. My body was not broken down or aching all of the time because I took care of it. I continue to take classes during club season, which I highly recommend to any competitive athlete. I have grown and benefitted from this training program greatly. All in all Yoga Athletex is an amazing place to train during on and off season for optimal performance!

-Bradley R., Elite Soccer Athlete