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May 20, 2018

Jenny Lim – Yoga Instructor + Movement Specialist

Meet Jenny! Equal parts inquisitive and intuitive, Jenny brings a unique level of technical, emotional and kinesthetic intelligence to her teaching. She is an experienced yoga teacher who has studied many modern movement and yoga systems including Forrest yoga, Yoga TuneUp, Functional Range Conditioning, strength training, bodywork, muscle testing and Eastern and Western energetics and anatomy. She has a knack for integrating the science and the “why” behind a movement with a deeply experiential “how” that gives the student the space to intuit and perceive through the breath and body. Join her for our upcoming summer mobility series!

Breath, Core & Spine: June 2
Conscious breathing is essential to moving in a freer, more powerful and integrated way. Your breath patterns organize your posture and nervous system in a way that can facilitate or inhibit your movement. The breath and the organs and musculature that it inhabits also constitute your most dynamic, adaptive and innate “core strength”. We will draw on this practice of breath as core strength to learn how to safely and more fully mobilize each segment of the spine. Expect self myofascial massage to explore different areas that affect breathing, pranayama practices to enliven from the inside out and a variety of carefully curated yoga and mobility work.

Hips + Lower Body: July 14
Starting from the feet, we will move up through the legs and pelvis to understand more fully how your typical patterns of walking, standing and hip hinging create a soft tissue and proprioceptive template that can inhibit or maximize your potential lower body mobility and power generation. We will explore how to transform this template with self myofascial massage, core and breath integration, passive & active mobilizations, daily functional movement habits as well as yoga and strength work.

Shoulders + Neck: Aug 4
Building on the skills learned in the Core & Hip/Lower Body workshops, we will explore how shoulder and neck stability and mobility is deeply affected by breath and core integration (or lack of) as well as fascial lines of tension that originate from the feet through the pelvis and core. With this in mind, we will learn to free up fuller range of motion as well create muscular positions of stability through individual joints of this area: scapula, shoulder joint, AC joint, and cervical spine. Through a variety of yoga and self myofascial massage, we will also learn to how to work in a way that relieves pain or restriction in these areas.