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September 25, 2017

Spooktacular Super Legs Challenge

This October, it’s time to get freakishly fit! If you’ve fallen out of routine, it’s time to fall back in. This challenge is a great way to get you started, or keep you going as the spookiest of holidays approach us.

Every day in October, we have a challenge. Come in studio to complete (the short) challenge (almost) every day! Can’t make it in studio? You must post your completion on a social media platform and tag @yogaathletex or “Check In” to YAX to get credit. There are a couple ways to complete the challenge without being at YAX every day (although we would love that). Out of 7 week days, 6 are challenge days, 1 is rest day. Of the 6 days each week you can post online ONCE and you can double up in studio ONCE. So, you need to be IN STUDIO at least 4x/week. You can do it! This is how we’re going to get back in the swing of things – and get some nice legs along the way. 😉

What’s the challenge? Glad you asked. Complete the challenge below and wrap up the month with a halloween bash at YAX on 10/31! We are working our way towards 5 rounds of super legs! Best of luck, y’all! Let’s work on those “pumpkins“! 😉