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May 22, 2017

YAX Internship Program

The Yoga Athletex internship program is designed to prepare students for careers as trainers, administrators and managers in the sport industry, as well as entry-level management positions in high school, college and professional athletic organizations. Through this program, students are prepared for a diversity of roles in the areas of sport marketing and promotions, facility management and planning, activity programming and events management. The full time internship, following coursework, provides students with on-the-job experience and networking opportunities.

The 400 hour (minimum) internship will provide the intern with professional training in a protected and supervised environment. The YAX team will empower and support the intern through active participation and guidance within the program. It is our goal to enhance the skills of the intern, increase their knowledge base and help to build a solid networking foundation for a future career. We also commit to encouraging personal growth, confidence and positive body image by requiring the intern to attend classes and acquire a daily yoga practice and fitness regime.

We are seeking passionate, service-oriented, positive and hard-working individuals with a love for health and fitness and an excitement for our brand. We are a high-growth company looking for hyper-organized, efficient, forward-thinking problem-solvers with exceptional interpersonal skills and attention to detail. A very driven individual with a background playing competitive sports, lives a healthy & active lifestyle, a goal getter, and a self starter with a passion to help others. Someone who has a background in yoga and physical fitness with a their own visions and dreams, who is not afraid to share them with the team. A unique individual who is self motivated and takes pride in their work. Someone who wants to continually learn and educate themselves through self study and attending trainings. This candidate will have a commanding presence and find ease with jumping into a training session. A leader. A coach. A true team player.

If you believe you would be a great addition to our team, send your resume to info@yogaathletex.com!







Internship is unpaid.

May 22, 2017

Kaci Kimbrough, B.S., NASM-CPT

We are so excited to announce our newest team member, Kaci K. You can get your sweat on with her every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at noon – during our Athletex class. In addition, Kaci offers private personal training lessons. If you are looking for a more focused and personalized program, Kaci is your gal!

Kaci attended Baylor University in her hometown of Waco, TX where she earned a B.S. in Health, Human Performance, and Recreation. During her time as a student, she opened and operated her own dance studio, but after graduating she moved to Houston to pursue a career as a freelance choreographer and dance instructor. Shortly after moving to Houston, Kaci transitioned her focus to fitness, teaching TRX, Barre, Boot Camp, and Pilates Reformer classes. In 2015 she completed her NASM personal trainer certification and became a full-time fitness professional in 2016.

Kaci believes that practicing discipline in fitness develops motivation in all areas of life – home, career, social, and spiritual. She is dedicated to walking alongside her clients as they work toward and achieve their fitness goals, creating individualized programs for each client in order to help them find their own balance.

In her free time Kaci and her husband, Jeremy, enjoy spending time with family, friends, and their dog, Max. Spring Branch is her home and she is passionate about being a part of the local community at Yoga Athletex.

Sign up for her classes HERE.

May 22, 2017

Muscle of the Month – The Quadriceps

The quadriceps, or “quads”, are a group of four muscles located on the front (anterior) of the thigh. The four muscles include the rectus femoris, the vastus lateralis, the vastus medialis, and the vastus intermedialis. All of these muscles attach on their bottom (distal) end to the tibial tuberosity by the patellar ligament. On their top (proximal) end, the vastus medialis and lateralis attach to the back of the femur. The vastus intermadialis attaches to the anterior surface of the femur. The rectus femoris is the only muscle that crosses the hip joint.

All four muscles participate to straighten (extend) the knee joint and support the patella. You might see the quads working, or contracting, in chair pose, warrior I, or standing from the squat position. Great postures to lengthen the quads include frog pose, dancers pose or hero pose.

Common injury to the quad can include various levels of contusion. This occurs when force is hit up against the quad to press it against the femur. If this occurs, an individual may feel symptoms similar to a strain or tear, including sharp immediate pain. Swelling and bruising typically occur depending on the severity of the hit. Another common injury is petellofemoral joint syndrome. This is thought to be caused by weakness or fatigue of the vastus medialis. Symptoms include front or back knee pain especially when squatting or going down a stair case. Strengthening the vastus medialis is typically part of the recovery process, along with legs up the wall (as always)!

This week you can strengthen your quads in our hustle room with slamballs, mountain climbers, cycling and more! Find length through the poses mentioned above in our flow room. Yoga 4 athletes is where it’s at!

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